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What is the 8 Week Productivity Challenge

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An overview

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By combining the power of a leadership mind set with more than 143 step-by-step systems of the reality and psychology of dealing with buyers and sellers, the 8 Week Productivity Challenge creates agents who increase their production levels by an average of 250%.

  • Better trained agents
  • Increased agent retention
  • Higher production
  • Greater market share
  • Double listing inventory
  • Generate more commissions
  • Increased production values

The program

Contents of the 8 Week Productivity Challenge

By combining the power of a leadership mind set with more than 143 step-by-step systems of the reality and psychology of dealing with buyers and sellers, the 8 Week Productivity Challenge creates agents who increase their production levels by an average of 250%.

The 8 week program produces better trained agents, increased agent retention, higher production, and greater market share, which means that you can expect to double your listing inventory, double your sales volume and generate more commissions.
  • Step 1 Attitude Getting Started
  • Step 2 Booking appointments Creating the habit!
  • Step 3 Generating leads Getting the phone to ring, a solution to the no-call-list!
  • Step 4 Listing presentation Walk into a listing appointment and walk out with the listing!
  • Step 5 Method of presenting price and net Show them how most successful sellers pick the right price!
  • Step 6 Objection handling techniques Doing something as opposed to nothing will always get you further!
  • Step 7 Business operations Taking care of your business so that your business can take care of you!
  • Step 8 Time management Our most valuable commodity!

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The 8 Week Productivity Challenge is designed to be a results-orientated program with a wide variety of teaching styles used to achieve the student’s goal.

The objectives are outlined at the top of page 1 in every lesson of the teacher’s notes.  Each of the lessons has a variety of lecture, role-play, workshops, and specific homework guidelines.

Student participation in the class is a must to achieve the end results, which is a better-trained real estate agent in people skills and the sales process so the public can be better served.

A typical day would go as follows:

Start time 10:00 AM: 15 minute motivational talk to warm the students up and get them excited about what they will be learning today.  Then, a 15 minute Team Meeting where each of the students reports their production for the week to the their team Captain and shares one positive story that has happened to them in the past week in real estate.  The team then nominates one person to share their story with the class.

Next, the trainer spends 15 minutes sharing with the class the group’s overall production for the week and how it compared to the goals that the group had set. Then one person from each team shares with the rest of the class their star story. the purpose of this each week is to get the sales people to start realizing that accountability in their sales career is very important to maintaining a good income. the stories are for the people that are in the class that look up at the person in the front and say, “if they can do it, so can I”.

The trainer will then get into the material. typically the material is taught in this fashion: the trainer teaches the theory first, then shows how to apply it in the real world,  e.g. specific dialogue on outlining in advance to the homeowner what they will cover tonight at the listing appointment. then the students are asked if they have any questions.   Next the students role-play the dialogue with a partner until they feel confident with what they are asking or saying to the client.

During this role-playing, the trainer walks around the classroom working with the students individually to enhance presentation style and answer any one on one questions.   Then the trainer asks the class again, “do they have any questions about what they have learned?”, if there are no questions the trainer then moves to the next topic in that days curriculum.

The average lesson includes 20% set up for the day, recording of stats and setting goals for the next week, 40% lecture, 20% role-play and 20% workshop. the only lesson that does not follow this format is lesson 1, in which the first ½ of the day is set up and administration and the second half of the day is lecture and goal setting. you will also find in the Administration section of the manual the Weekly Production Report.

Students must meet with their Broker or Office Manager each week before the next lesson and this form must be filled out by both of them and initialed by the Broker or Office Manager.

The Weekly Production Report for each student is then given to the Class Captain each week and handed into the trainer so that they can be reviewed.

At the end of each lesson students are given a weekly assignment and an audio recording of each lesson. they are expected to complete their assignment by the next lesson.

After 8 weeks of commitment the students start to build some great habits.

Class ends at approximately 3:00 PM.


“Bringing you down to Santa Clarita, California to help train my agents
was incredibly successful. I can’t thank you enough!!! It was
instrumental in helping us become the #1 Real Estate company in our city!!!

– Phillip Nordella, Broker/Owner

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