Testimonials from clients

8 Listings Sold in Only 4 Weeks!

I’m a very driven person and set high goals for myself. In the past, I became overworked, tired and eventually unhappy. Then I took Dwayne’s course (and I’ve repeated it since!) and it worked very well for me. Dwayne’s techniques are simple but powerful; he helps me get back on track and working smart rather than hard.

I recommend his course to everyone, IT WORKS! No matter where you are in your career, we all need support, motivation, challenge and accountability. Thanks to Dwayne’s training, my 8 listings sold in only 4 weeks!

Sharon Josey

RE/MAX Select, Edmonton, AB

Sharon Josey REALTOR

Thanks to Dwayne, I Now Have Confidence!

Taking the 8 Week Productivity Challenge changed the way I conduct my business in a positive way. I now have systems and scripts that give me confidence to go out and prospect, book appointments and land listing!

This course focused and motivated me. I will be recommending this program to as many Realtors as possible and urge them to try it. I can’t thank Dwayne and my team enough for helping me to push through the tough times and come out on top! Thanks Dwayne!


Sarah Gandy

Homelife Benchmark, Cloverdale, BC


Sarah Gandy REALTOR

Dwayne’s Training is a Must Have!

This is the second time I’ve taken a productivity course from Dwayne and it has been excellent for me and my business. I describe it as “Real Estate 101 - How to be Successful in this Business”. It helps me know what I need to do to be a good Realtor and it teaches me better ways to get listing and work with buyers. Dwayne’s 8 week intensive training is a ‘must have’ to guarantee your success. I highly recommend this course to any real estate professional.

Ben Officer

Dwayne has helped me be a better realtor.

I cannot say more than enough on how the Dwayne Groome Real Estate Sales Training has helped me become a better Realtor. Dwayne has provided the tools and has built my confidence to become successful in my career. This training is not only great for new Realtors starting but for Realtors that have been in the industry a long time. What a great way to get excited and motivated again when you become in a slump. Dwayne is not only full of knowledge, but makes the classes fun with not a dull moment. When you start you dare not miss a class because your worried about missing out on key information. I would highly recommend this class to any Realtor.

Phyllis Nichyporuk

RE/MAX Select, Edmonton, AB

Phyllis Nichyporuk REALTOR

Literally changed the way I think about the real estate world!

April, 2019

I have truly enjoyed taking the 8-week Productivity Challenge with Dwayne.  His positive energy mixed with practical wisdom has literally changed the way I think about the real estate world.  We all know that it can be challenging for even the most productive REALTORS.  This past 8 week's with Dwayne has given me a new prospective, not only about a clear business model, but also about the value I bring to my clients - the ones the I CHOOSE!

Thank you so much Dwayne, for opening my mind and for sharing in the most authentic way possible.  Your passion and caring heart shine!


Teresa Ahloy


Teresa Ahloy

Dwayne armed me with tools that allow me to take my career to a higher level!

April 18th, 2019

Dwayne Groome's Productivity Challenge was entirely fantastic and a great value.  As a newer agent Dwayne armed me with tools that allow me to take my career to a higher level, and interestingly enough these tools apply to all aspects of life, not just real estate.

The format of the course is great as well allowing you to implement new tools learned week by week, it is true you need a strong base and this course helps you build that much, much more so than the standard "weekend training" courses do.

On a personal evel Dwayne is personable and does want all his students to succeed, and makes the days fly by with his teaching, there is never a dull moment.

Very, very pleased with the entire course. Five stars, would and HAVE recommended.

Quinn Hunter

REALTOR with Real Estate Professionals, Calgary, Alberta



Quinn Hunter REALTOR

Recommended by my Manager who said it would be the best money I would ever spend in real estate.

April 19th, 2019

This is just what I needed!

I am in my 16th year as a REALTOR and Dwayne Groome's course was recommended to me by my Manager who said it would be the best money I would ever spend in real estate.

She was right, Dwayne has given me the 8 Keys to successfully becoming a Top Producer.

I feel more confident in my presentations and have built some great habits.  I have no doubt that continuing to follow Dwayne's simple step by step program with the right mindset, I am a Top producer

Thank You Dwayne

Nancy-Jean O'Carroll

Sotheby's International Realty Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia

Nancy-Jean O'Carroll REALTOR

I am looking forward to an amazing career with all of my new knowledge and training

April 9th, 2019

I have been in Real Estate for the past 10 years, in different capacities, I knew when I got my real estate license that I would need sales training, as I am no a "salesperson".  I knew of Dwayne's 8 Week Productivity Challenge as he had held his course at my brokerage many times before, and after attending his free information seminars, was certain it was the right program for me!

Thanks to Dwayne, I now have sales conversations with ease and know what information to obtain form prospective clients.  I am looking forward to an amazing career with all of my new knowledge and training.

Thanks Dwayne!

Kelly Heintz


RE/MAX House of Real Estate, Calgary, Alberta

Kelly Heintz REALTOR

Dwayne's Training is a "game changer"

Without taking Dwayne Groome's Real Estate Sales Training course I would have been content achieving my meager sales targets/goals.  But Dwayne and his training program demonstrated to me week after week that if I were to follow his scripts and use his strategies I could be a top producer!

From going through a detailed listing strategy to assure I can get any listing if I want it to handling objections and finally closing on a deal.  His program has taught me to make more money in less time so I can have fun (as he puts it)!

Thanks Dwayne for helping me set higher goals!

Kevin Wiebe

REALTOR, Royal Lepage Riverbend Realty

Steinbach, Manitoba

Kevin Wiebe REALTOR

Dwayne has provided an wealth of knowledge, tools and resources


To Whom it may concern

I took Dwayne Groome's 8 Week Productivity Challenge from February 15, 2019 to April 05, 2019.  It has put a new perspective into my Real Estate business.  Dwayne has provided a wealth of knowledge, tools and resources to make sure I will succeed.   Thank you Dwayne, you have been very patient and inspiring!  I will always do my best and to NOT assume anything.

Sandra Loo

eXp Realty

Edmonton, Alberta

Sandra Loo REALTOR

Dwayne has a humor based logic method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me

April 10th, 2019

I signed up for Dwayne Groome's 8 Week Productivity Challenge hoping to improve my Real Estate Business.  I left with much more.  I am now a Top Producer.

Since taking the course I learned key techniques that I now apply to potential clients in any type of market; from utilizing the simple and effective Call Prospecting Track, to improving my listing presentation for more successful closing rates.  I have increased my client base by overcoming fear of rejection from Dwayne's Objection Handling Techniques and am now more productive and accountable in my: daily, monthly and yearly goals.  Furthermore, I have developed strategies to implement on an on-going basis, which makes me a well-defined asset within my brokerage, and more confident towards the growth of my business.

Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Dwayne's direct feedback for improving my attitude was invaluable.  He has a humor based logic method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me.  I can't speak highly enough of this course


Charles Botsio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Real Estate Representative                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sotheby's International Realty Canada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      North Vancouver, BC

Charles Botsio REALTOR

I had never used Buyer Agency Agreements previously and will now never work without one!!

April 10th, 2019

In eight short weeks, Dwayne Groome has transformed my mindset about my business. I had never used Buyer Agency Agreements previously and will now never work without one. The information, techniques and scripts that Dwayne has shared with me have helped me to see that my business has endless potential. Thank you Dwayne for the knowledge and the motivation that I needed to kick my business into the next level.

Sam Otter

RE/MAX Treeland Realty, Langley, BC

Sam Otter

Dwayne's 8 Weeks Training is a Game Changer

These 8 weeks were an eye opener, a push that I needed since a long time.  Today after 8 weeks I have 7 listings and about 10 warm listing prospects.  For the first time in my 6 years of career I am signing buyers agency and treating them as a listing.  Today I am confident of my listing presentations and the objection handling techniques.  I know it will take some time to master these tools, but I see myself reaching there soon.  With these 8 weeks of training I see myself selling 40 to 50 homes in a year.  The training and tools you gave were incredible. I genuinely believe that if anyone wants to be successful in real estate, he or she must spend these 8 weeks with Dwayne Groome.  I appreciate all that you have taught me, thank you.


Harvir Sandhu

REALTOR, eXp Realty Canada

Surrey, BC

Harvir Sandhu REALTOR